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  • Article Count: 8 Motivation

    I don't put much stock into the idea of "intrinsic" motivation. It's great when the motivation seems to come from within, but something is stoking that fire. No one is fully motivated all the time and even though it's wrong to expect perfection, it's certainly right to strive for it. These articles are designed to help.

  • Article Count: 11 Leadership

    These articles focus on how to make your teammates better. I encourage coaches to think of their players as teammates. After all, if you aren't all working together towards common goals, something is wrong.

  • Article Count: 10 Self-Talk

    Everyone thinks...a lot. Some researchers say 50,000 thoughts a day is average and that half of these thoughts are negative. That's scary. I don't know if the numbers are correct, but I do know that humans think and that these thoughts determine attitudes, including confidence. The "articles" in this topic provide concrete examples (relating to a specific theme) of normal versus ideal thinking patterns about the same thing.

  • Article Count: 6 Big Smile

    Articles to make you feel good, either from a good cry, a big smile, or both.

  • Article Count: 12 Coaching Mental Toughness

    Articles in this category will help coaches coach themselves and others to give their best effort one step at a time.

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