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I don't put much stock into the idea of "intrinsic" motivation. It's great when the motivation seems to come from within, but something is stoking that fire. No one is fully motivated all the time and even though it's wrong to expect perfection, it's certainly right to strive for it. These articles are designed to help.





I hope you want to be on this team. You don’t have to be sick to get better. Get out of your own little rut or plateau with my Simple Seven-Day Challenge!

By being accountable to others and sharing our challenges and little victories with others, I believe I can be more accountable to myself. I wish I was strong enough not to need this, but sometimes I’m not. With the support of teammates, all twelve team members will find a way to do one thing better today than most days. We will do this for seven straight days.

Allow me to explain…

I often know what to do, but don’t do it, at least not right away. I know myself decently well. Sometimes, I procrastinate. Confucius was a smart guy.  He said, “to know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice.” I don’t agree. I think it’s common. Is it cowardice? Yes, it is. Is it a terrible thing? No. It’s normal. Humans are creatures of habit. We all have both great ones and bad ones. Flaws and mistakes are not things to feel guilty about, they are things to change. To initiate change takes uncommon courage and mental discipline. I hope you will help me find mine by being willing to find yours.

If you believe that big change comes about by a series of very small changes, then this challenge is probably for you. I’m going to coordinate 10 or so people per week to participate, and I’ll be one of them. I will group text all volunteers these rules: you are expected to text back to this group one thing you did today that stretched your comfort zone. This is based on this powerful idea:

“I’m grateful that I can expand my horizons simply by

doing one thing that is outside of my familiar zone today.”

Each text will report that TODAY, I did it. It might’ve taken five seconds, five minutes, or five hours. It could be as simple as something you did or didn’t eat. Your victory is something that’s been on your mind as a change from your personal norm that would probably be a good idea. Any change in habit is noteworthy to the group if it's noteworthy to you. We get in a rut, and a small change can create incredible momentum.  My teammates and I will achieve seven small changes in a week, and we’re going to share these accomplishments with our teammates. Each group text will report the behavior (or non-behavior) that the person thought to be a good idea. Without this team, it’s likely that you or I wouldn’t have achieved this little victory today.

If you sign up and are invited to participate, I will expect a text message from you on Day 0 stating your first name and one sentence about you. “My name is Aaron and I’m a husband, father of four, and a mental skills coach from The Colony, TX.” Then, for the next seven days, you agree to set the intention for your small change in behavior either before you go to sleep, or first thing in the morning. If you prefer not to set the intention, you can still find something during the day to do that is outside of your habits and probably a good idea. An extra smile or kind word, perhaps? Passing on desert, perhaps? Then, you report your little victory after it has been achieved. You report seven noteworthy (your opinion is all that matters here) changes over the next seven days. At the end of seven days, you receive…a compliment.

Example changes/victories:

  • I cleaned my closet.
  • I smiled more today by using each doorway I passed through as a reminder to smile when I enter the room.
  • I didn’t let a typical stressor stress me out because I used the power phrase, “Don’t worry about it. It’s outside of my control.”
  • I didn’t eat any junk food today.
  • I didn’t drink any coffee or soda today.
  • I did eat a salad today.
  • I drank two glasses of water first thing in the morning today.
  • I did Yoga for 30 minutes by myself at home today.

Important note: It doesn’t matter what your victory is, as long as you consider it a victory!

I will not use any sophisticated social media software for this. I’m going to text 11 participants and expect 11 messages back. Team size is limited to 12 per week and I will take one spot. Everyone is flawed. This team is going to get better every day. We’re going to create momentum towards being the best versions of ourselves.

Participation on Coach Traub’s Simple Seven-Day Challenge team is free and strictly first-come, first served. I will compile a waiting list and repeat the challenge as needed. If you would like to participate, take the following huge action, right now: email me your name and cell phone number. Please include “Seven-Day Challenge” in the subject of the email. I will reply simply with “accepted” or “waiting list."

Best wishes for making TODAY your masterpiece.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Here's a good TedTalk video about food choices for those specifically interested:

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