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I am always honored to be invited to speak to a team. It may be a sales team, a company's leadership team, a single sports team, a sports organization, or an athletics department. My topics are all related to mental toughness and leadership and the presentation can be any length. Finding the balance of being entertaining and motivational while providing valuable content that reinforces a tough, positive culture is my constant pursuit. I will gauge the makeup of the audience and the feel of the room, but I want you to know that when I err, it will likely be on the side of too much content.

I do not use an agency and do not charge exorbitant fees for this, the favorite part of my job. I do give my best effort to out-perform those who do. My fees, before travel expenses from the Dallas area, range from $249-999 for one day or less.

I also have packages for organizations that want to bring me in for a weekend that range from $0-$1,999. Within this, I have programs for coaches, PARENTS, and student-athletes (classroom or on-field settings).

Titles for Business Team or Student-Athlete Short Workshops include:

WINNING: Lessons from the Greatest Athletes and Teams in the World

REDEFINING SUCCESS: How to Stay Confident and Focused

MAKING TEAMMATES BETTER: Four Components of Leadership

MOTIVATIONAL MADNESS: Finding the Initiative and Courage to Succeed

ADVANCED WORKSHOP: Tools to Guarantee Success (Best Effort on One Play/Pitch)

Titles for Coaching Clinics include:

Creating an Ideal Performance State

Motivating Today's Athletes

Getting Better Faster by Winning the Mental Game at Practice

Empowering Culture-Defining Leaders in an Age of Entitlement

Coaching the Mental Side of the Game

Tools for Your Performance Toolbox: Self-Talk, Imagery, and Routines

My title for sports parents: "PARENTING IN ATHLETICS: How to Know You're an Asset in the Most Commonly Screwed Up Job in Sports"

For more information, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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