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Everyone thinks...a lot. Some researchers say 50,000 thoughts a day is average and that half of these thoughts are negative. That's scary. I don't know if the numbers are correct, but I do know that humans think and that these thoughts determine attitudes, including confidence. The "articles" in this topic provide concrete examples (relating to a specific theme) of normal versus ideal thinking patterns about the same thing.

Dump the Slump

You must accept your disappointments and triumphs equally.
—Harvey Penick, Golf Coach

The first thing I do after losing is forget it.
—Nancy Lopez, Golf Hall of Famer

Confidence is an interesting concept. No one would argue this point: the athlete's belief that she is about to perform well actually causes her to do well more often. There are other factors in performance, of course, but a well-qualified athlete without confidence is unlikely to perform very well. At best, she will be inconsistent. It is tough to find a poorly qualified athlete with confidence because no one can lie to themselves, but those athletes whose confidence is a bit higher than their skill level are often rewarded for this belief.

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Without Awareness, No Adjustment is Possible

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that comes true not because it was correct, but because of the belief that it was correct. That is fine if it's a positive prophecy, but let's work to avoid limiting beliefs!

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Just Say No…to No

by Nick Hayes and Aaron Weintraub


 “Here we go again.” “I’m doing it wrong.” “Don’t mess up.” “I can’t do this!” It is fairly obvious that these common phrases are too negative. What is less obvious is the physical impact of negative thinking. Since awareness is the foundation for all adjustments, it’s quite useful to explore the consequences that come from choosing negative rather than positive self-talk.

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Printable: Good_words_and_curse_words_2015.pdf

Good words and curse words 2015


Time and time again, I have found that "bad" words like need and supposed to are in the athlete's head when he or she is performing well below potential.

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"Overheard" from the Minds of some Great Athletes: 
'Normal' Self-Talk can be transformed         into                     Fantastic Self-Talk
Change:                                                                                                                Use instead:

That was awful.

What's next?
Oh, sh**! Well, that obviously doesn't work...another step forward.
I don't like this. I like doing what it takes to win!
I don't know if I'm strong enough.

No one knows the future; just do my best.

Maybe my best isn't good enough. My best is always good enough. Nothing more is possible, so asking for more is ridiculous.
I think I'll go eat ice cream/drink beer. The first rule of getting out of a hole: stop digging.
I hate that it's so hard. It's good that it's hard because otherwise everyone would do it.

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"Overheard" from the Minds of some Great Athletes:


                 'Normal' Self-Talk          can be transformed into           Fantastic Self-Talk
There's no way we can lose this game.
If we play the way we're capable of, we'll definitely win this game.
This will be a piece of cake. Doing my best is never a piece of cake.
I know what this guy is about to do -- SportsCenter highlights, here I come! Don't count my chickens before they hatch - just do my job and let greatness happen!
Why does coach think he knows it all? Why wouldn't I appreciate and honestly consider constructive criticisms from a man (with lots more experience than I have) who is trying to help me?
I'm the best player on my team. I want to be the best player in the country.
I'm satisfied.
My roots can always dig deeper.
I wish this guy would shut up and take a breath so I can make my point.  Listen to what he's saying. Maybe his point can help me.

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